Street Photography

Streets are made of people.

Street photography is my favourite form of photography, and one I’ve been experimenting with quite a lot lately. It’s an endlessly fascinating endeavour – every minute, every second, brings something new. I have been drawn to people all my life – all my work has revolved around them in some way or other. I find people beautiful and endlessly fascinating – so it wasn’t much of a surprise to learn that in photography I was drawn to them too. The projects in this series will try to capture the people who make the world I live in a home.

corona Fashion shoot (KALVERSTRAAT, AMSTERDAM)

The Kalverstraat is probably Amsterdam’s best-known shopping street, and the most expensive street on the Dutch monopoly board. Because it is filled with accessible fashion stores, it attracts a young – and predominantly female – public. The government advises wearing masks indoor in shops, and you can see here that quite a few people keep them on outside as well – a reflection of responsibility, which the Dutch have sometimes been criticised for lacking in the Covid-19 pandemic.

faces of West (Ten Katemarkt, amsterdam)

The Ten Kate market is my neighborhood food market. It is alive and brimming with diversity: everyone comes here, and everyone belongs. This project tries to capture some of the diversity that makes this place beautiful to me.